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About Us

We are a Family run company that has always had a passion for firearms and its community. We saw a need in our community and the surrounding area to provide a comfortable environment where anyone and everyone can come and learn about firearms, firearm safety and personal protection. Our business model was designed to fill in the gaps that the training industry has had for far too long. The focus of the industry has generally been selling firearms and providing a place to shoot them. There has not been a great focus on training from the ground up which is why we wanted to be able to offer training for everyone. Beginning with someone who had never touched a firearm before, to people that have a proficient knowledge of them and want to improve their skills by furthering their training.

To accomplish our goal, we have tried to provide training for every person of every comfort level whether it be in our 100% safe non-live fire state of the art indoor virtual simulator, which also offers less lethal, and home defense to our highly customizable outdoor live range. We strive to meet the needs of every person from a novice to even our more experienced friends in law enforcement.  #AVANTLINK


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311 N Main St            
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